Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another movie to see: Dead Snow

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Outsourcing fail
"On Friday the 8th I was working on my new gun. I could have sworn it was empty but it wasn't. Anyway I put a 9mm slug through my hand. Luckily it missed all the bones and just got meat. All my fingers still work and have feeling plus it doesn't really hurt that much. The bullet ended up in the top of the night stand, just dumb luck that I wasn't hurt worse."

The 9 millimeter hollow point bullet passed through his hand while he was cleaning the gun. When looking at the photos it's rather obvious where the bullet entered his hand, but when asked about the large amount of damage at the base of his hand, he said, "Thats where the bullet and the gasses came out, I think the gasses did most of the ripping. I had my hand over the end of the barrel so essentially my hand became part of the barrel. Luckily the hollow point bullet didn't have time to mushroom."

Shot 1

Shot 2